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The claw of the beast

Closest sun – Fuze


Terrain – Bist is a jungle planet with giant world-trees, vines and rivers. The earth of the planet is a yellowish rock and powder, while the vegetation is shades of blue. Bist doesn’t have large bodies of ‘water’, but the jungle biomes are tall and bountiful. There are dry regions on Bist where nothing grows; here the stone has pearl like smoothness due to high winds.


Natural Landmarks – The Roghin is the largest river on the planet, it is fed by a waterfall, with its source being an underground body of water, the water from the river drains back underground keeping the cycle of ‘water’ going. On Bist, the ‘water’ has a pale pink hue. The pearl desert called the Kroshta desert, is an important land feature, due to high winds, the ground here is extremely smooth, and the area is surrounded by sand dunes.

Manmade Landmarks – The people of Bist live in tree houses built on the high branches of the jungle, these tree house cities are a stunning feature of the planet, and people visit just to see them.

Weather Conditions – The temperature on Bist ranges from mild to hot, and it rains frequently in the jungle areas, making the air mostly humid year-round. The rains often cause flooding; however, the people are not affected much as the vegetation is tall enough that the floods only affect the animals that live on the ground.

Natural Phenomena – Floods occur frequently, but there have also been instances of droughts on the planet. Within the pearl desert, the Hiskar is the area where the people of Bist go to form pacts with the creatures from Larklan; Hiskar is the area with the strongest astral connection to Larklan. This area is also the epicenter for the “light storms”, Hiskoji. The Hiskoji is a dangerous phenomenon that occurs when conflicts from Larklan bleed into Bist, through the Hiskar. The Hiskoji is characterized by sand storms with extreme wind forces, and intense light beams that curve and spiral all around releasing light so bright that the people of Bist do not leave their homes for fear of blindness. In addition, the light induces crippling motion sickness in those exposed to it.

Government – Within Larklan, the Hirak are classed based on their strength and influence which is tied to their energy output. When a person on Bist forms a pact, the class of the Hirak, is transferred to them. Whoever has the highest ranking Hirak automatically takes the role as leader of the planet. The next ranking individuals also serve as government/political figures. This ranking also determines the area where individuals live. Very rarely, Sigark, the creature that had a hand in creating Bist will form a pact with an individual giving them the ultimate power and status. Bist is split into three countries Kijor, Rakstin, and Falorg. The strongest of each country governs it, and the three Governors discus decisions concerning the entire planet, however, usually the most powerful of the three gets the heavier say.

Times – 460 days, 51 hours

The People of Bist


The people of Bist can borrow the powers of the creatures of Larklan they have formed pacts with. Through the connection, they can increase their physical strength exponentially, as well as use energy based abilities. They can harness the natural elements, create energy construct, fly, or use telepathy and telekinesis, based on the creature they are connected to. In some cases, they can transform body parts to mimic that of the Larklan creature and at their most powerful Bistinians are able to call the creature from Larklan into this dimension.

Bistinians are inherently hierarchical,  and the acceptance of one’s social standing is important to them. At birth, their place in the hierarchy is determined by their parents, once they form their own pacts, their position changes. Often, people born higher on the social ladder avoid making pacts because of the risk of falling into a lower position. The choice to forgo forming a pact comes with disadvantages as they are physically weaker than those who have pacts.

Age of Maturity – 32 years old

Average Life Span – 560 years (can vary greatly based on pact)

The Bistian Life


A bistian sitting on one of the branches of a world tree

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