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A galaxy brimming with power and advanced in technology, home to a host of races, from the divine Ciesites and godlike Marakians, to a multitude of mundane colony planets. 

The galaxy is entering another era of political stability under the guidance of the galactic union, but some conflicts persist. Ancient enemies from the dark realm, Sivan, and monstrous energy consuming creatures known as the Graule continue to plague the galaxy. Long standing allies become enemies as the relationships between planets and governments are broken and reformed. The house of Lupaine, an organization older and even more powerful than the galactic union, acts as a check and balance in an ever changing galaxy.

Yet for many, the great shifts of galactic powers do little to affect their daily activities, so life continues undisturbed.

This is the story of Nol. The galaxy, it’s people, civilizations, and the events that shape and intertwine lives and destinies. Follow stories of legends and soon to be legends, stories of turmoil and salvation, of the mighty and the meek. No tale is too large or too small to be told, as all, from planet breaking battles to the simple struggles of daily life, are Nol.

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