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Larklan is a realm outside of space and time, it has the pitch blackness and emptiness of space with the exception of the swirly energy bands that move through the realm. The energy is light in liquid form, taking many colors and intricate designs. Within these bands, creatures of immense power called Hirak exist. The Hirak have physical forms, made up of condensed root particles and can range from the size of galaxies to ants. In addition, the bands of energy have fixed energy outputs that are shared by the Hirak that originate from them. The Hirak usually swim alone through their realm wandering endlessly, but when they interact, it is impossible to predict what will happen although the levels of energy outputs that clash often determines the severity of the outcome. There are theories that the events that take place in Larklan, may have more dramatic consequences in other possible realms or dimensions, however, within the Nol galaxy, only Bist is directly affected by Larklan. 

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