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The seed of annihilation

Closest sun – Nol

Terrain – Zental is a cold rocky planet, it has a few small rivers and “water” oceans, although most are iced over. Around the planet, there are Zhar crystal shards that grow from the earth emitting small amounts of heat, these shards are incredibly difficult to break or clear away, making certain areas of Zental impassable. The planet has many forest of Zhar crystal trees and plant life. Zental has one large continent, and a few very small islands scattered around. ​On the poles of Zen, there are floating ice caps; most of the liquid on Zental is found in a frozen state however around areas where Zhar crystals collect, liquids are found. Like Marak, the planarty body of Zenatl is the body of a higher creature, bearing the same name, although unlike Marak, Zental is more passive in dealing with the creatures that reside on it.

Natural Landmarks – Zhar crystal shards are Zental’s most striking natural feature. They are scattered around Zental, but grow drastically in size towards the south-western edge of the continent. The crystals grow continuously like trees although much slower, and they never die. The Rivhar forest is a large forest with a lake at it center where the crystal trees called Zachir are found intermingling with organic vegetation. Zhar shards grow underneath the planets ice oceans as well, in many areas, they have grown large enough to break though the ice. The sand on Zental is mixed with fine crystal pieces, so it appears lavender and glitters brightly in the sunlight.

Manmade Landmarks – The Zen monarchy’s palace is an important manmade landmark, the crystals around it where manipulated to grow in a certain shape and height at the center of the continent making it a symbol of the heart of the planet.

Weather Conditions – Zental is a cold planet, most of the time, the seas are frozen, even on the equator there are thin layers of ice. It snows often, and is quite windy, however in areas where there are clusters of Zhar crystals, they produce heat, so areas around the continent have a warmer climate and liquid seas around its boarder.

Natural Phenomena – There are frequent auras in the skies of Zental when light from the sun hits the crystal. When Zental is closest to Nol, the sun’s intense light ignites the crystals, creating auras that are seen in space and bands of light rotate around the planet, this event called the Heit, occurs twice a year. occurring sporadically, but usually in thousand year cycles,  Marak and Zental are close enough to each other that the higher creatures release thin bands of Kyr and Zhar that mingle together as the planets pass each other. As matter and anti-matter touch each other, blinding and powerful energy is released into the galaxy.

Government – Zental is governed by a Zhar-Har, crystal-bearer, who is the king/queen of the planet. The Zhar-Har appoints people to serve any roles that are needed as necessary, while elders from the clans serve as advisers. The position of Zhar-har is passed down through the royal bloodline, that was selected by the higher creature Zental. Since the first selection, the power to control Zental’s Zhar has been passed to a child of royal blood, with no preference to a gender or birth order. While the Zhar-Har has right to give unquestionable commands as they see fit, the people of Zental typically enjoy more freedom and autonomy than most other planets. The people are born into unchangeable clans, that have land they watch over and certain moral codes, however clan alliances do not usually have much significance on a daily basis. On the rare occasion when there is conflict between clans, the difference in attitude is jarring, as fierce loyalty to clans come to the forefront.  

Times – 4,305 days 40 hours although they calculate age based on Marak’s days.

The People of Zental


Zentalian can harness Zhar, giving them destructive powers. Zhar is anit-matter, so zentalians can essentially destroy anything, although this is limited to the amount of Zhar their bodies can hold, which varies by individuals. They can also create Zhar constructs, visually similar to Zhar crystals, however their  shape is determined by the person. This technique is usually used to create weapons and tools, as Zhar constructs can’t be used functionally. In addition to its destructive capabilities, Zhar is a combination of all forms of energy, light, heat, chemical, nuclear and electrical, so the people can change Zhar into the particular energy they need.

Zentalians like Marakians, are not prone to formalities, so they treat each other in a relaxed manner. Unlike Marak however, Zental is industrialized, and has large cities and towns. The people of Zental interact and trade with the many planets, so they have access to a verity of technology and entertainment. Zentalians value their family and tribe bonds, so they will always rush to the defense of family that is in trouble, they also see the importance in learning about other planets, so Zentalians travel a lot.

Zental and Marak used to physically be one planet called Riak, so even though the planet is split, they still consider themselves to be the same race and in times of conflict, they will always support each other regardless of previous alliances. Zentalians and marakinas, still retain the dormant ability to control both Zhar and Kyr, however, most avoid awakening those capabilities.

Age of Maturity – 250 years old

Average Life Span – 15,000 years

The Zentalian Life

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