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The planet of clouds and beasts

Closest sun – Awrn

Terrain – Winfora is a planet with two habitable zones, the surface, called Lower Winfora and the thick permanent clouds within the planet’s atmosphere, called Upper Winfora. Lower Winfora an extremely rocky hazardous environment with sharp cliff drops, volcanoes, gorges, canyons, and forests, the air and liquids are toxic to most other lifeforms in the galaxy including the upper Winforan life, however, it is home to various powerful creatures.  Winfora's atmosphere is incredibly thick, creating the near solid clouds that form the sky continents of upper Winfora, where the planet’s primary intelligent life resides. There are seven tiered upper Winfora continents, the higher continents have the most stable and solidified terrain due to the cooler atmospheric temperatures, however, the lower continents near the surface are much thinner allowing them to move more which often creates thin spots that are unable to support the weight of the people living on them, the air is also exposed to more toxic surface gases.

Natural Landmarks – Volcanoes are especially prominent of the surface of Winfora. On the eastern side of the planet, Mount Loutal, is a volcanic island, and the largest volcanoe.  Kuar Gorge is a large canyon on the north-eastern side of the planet. In addition, the southern sea has a group of tall stone structures with naturally formed holes called the singing stones, when wind blows through the holes, the music carries to the highest tier of Upper Winfora.

Manmade Landmarks – Because the sky continents material components are not entirely solid, the buildings that the people of Winfora build with the clouds have dynamic fluid shapes, that are a must see for anyone visiting the planet.

Weather Conditions – The weather in upper Winfora is mild year long although there are occasional wind storms and snow. On the surface, there is rarely a calm moment. The volcanoes erupt often, causing drastic temperature fluctuation from extremely hot to cold. Storms with high winds and flooding occur regularly in lower Winfora. Weather conditions occurring on the surface also impact the lower tiers of upper Winfora, violent volcanic eruptions sometimes reach the lower tier causing damage and spreading toxic gasses and ash.

Natural Phenomena – In the lower continents of Upper Winfora, the clouds are significantly thinner and more unstable there than in the higher sky continents, sometimes the clouds suddenly start thinning in spots, even dissolving clouds completely. The thin spots are a natural disaster that plague the lower tiers.

Government – Winfora is divide into seven sky continents, each continent is classified based on distance from the surface, with the continents closer to the surface having the lowest class. The planets seven continents from highest to lowest are: Winhar, Urvan, Juas, Mwihal, Oursar, Tiun, and Kreld. Winfora is governed by a council whose members are elected from each continent. Continents with larger populations may have more representatives, although no more than three, in addition, the higher continent’s votes carry more weight. Winfora has a few families that are considered Noble Arits. The Arits are regarded with high importance either because of historic wealth or for the magnitude of their powers. While Noble Arits do not hold political powers, they are usually able to manipulate decisions and they permitted to join Council Meetings. Council members are elected every fifty years, and can be re-elected up to four times. A separate government entity that has a seat in the council are the Silver Winrals, they are the military force of Winfora. They select their soldiers through registration and by hand picking strong individuals. The Five Wings of the silver Winrals decide amongst themselves who will hold their seat in the council. Even though the Silver Winrals have a seat in the council, they often act autonomously, and are sometimes viewed as a more influential than the council.


Times – 601 days, 40 hours

The People of Bist


Winforians can control air, allowing them to fly and move at great speeds, as well as giving them incredible offensive powers. Winforians are one of the physically smaller races, however they can display physical strength comparative to the giants of Fralor, which can be further enhanced with their air manipulation abilities. They can manipulate the air on most of the other planets as well.

Winforian society is extremely class driven, so people range from very rich to very poor. Winforians value strength, power, and education. A person from the lower continents that excels in those skill, can work to change their position in life, although they will be faced with discrimination. The same is also true for the higher Winforian continents, those without skills and limited family backing, my find themselves in a lower class. Generally, a person’s birth continent is a good indicator of their social status, however, there are well of people living in the lower continents, and destitute people in the higher continents. Winfora’s society is also heavily influenced by the Silver Winrals, so a quick way to change one’s status is by enlisting and rising in the ranks.

Age of Maturity – 65 years old

Average Life Span – 495 years

The Winforan Life

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