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The Lupine are an ancient family that has served as protector and judge of the Nol galaxy for millennia. The family was founded on Riak, when Marak and Zental were still one planet. During those early days of the galaxy, many of the stronger planets were severely taking advantage of the weaker planets, and war was common within the galaxy. In addition, the barrier between the Nol Galaxy and the Dark ones’ dimension had not been established yet, so the Original Lupaine family took on the role of keeping stronger planets in check as well as protecting the galaxy. The current head of the Lupaine family is Rickandel Lupaine, one of the last Riak born children. The Lupaine still thrives in the modern galaxy, although they are less involved in planetary politics. Since its formation, the Lupaine accepted members from any planet, colony or union, if they could be useful.

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