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The dark conquerors

Closest sun – Kor

Terrain – Sumag is a gas planet, it has no surface, only a dense hot core made of unknown elements.

Natural Landmarks – None. It has no surface.

Manmade Landmarks – None. Sumagians don’t build things.

Weather Conditions – There are constant storms on smug those storms come with extreme winds and lighting although there is no rain there is the continues thundering of the clouds.

Natural Phenomena – Sumag is the only planet in Nol that the Dark-ones can survive on for extended periods, so they often launch their attack on Nol from there, making the planet literally grow. Many of the “clouds” in Sumag are the shadow creatures that inhabit the planet, so the planet shrinks when a sizeable number of Sumagians leave.

Government – None, they live in anarchy although they are capable of banding together under a stronger warrior to invade another planet.

Times – 301 days N/A hours

The People of Sumag

Sumagians are shadowy creatures that can manipulate their bodies to take on different forms. Sumagians are fierce fighters, and enjoy war. They are constantly at war with each other, and often try to invade other planets, especially Elixran which shares the same system. They are similar to the dark-ones because they cannot be killed except on their own planet. When they sustain fatal injury, their shadow forms dissipate and return to Sumag, where they reform over time. Sumagians are identical to the dark-ones, with the exception being that they do not eat peoples lifeforces, they just enjoy violence. Due to their similarities, the sumagians, usually assist the dark-ones why they try to invade Nol. Although they are not allies, their interests align.

Age of Maturity – N/A

Average Life Span – Immortal, although the older they are the less active they are, so they become part of the planet.

The Sumagian Life

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