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Rick Lupaine, the elusive master of the house of Lupaine, returns to the galaxy after spending ten years away, on a mission in The Binding. His first task in reestablishing balance in Nol, is facing off against the mob leader Kelarg who taking advantage of Rick’s absence, expands his gangs influence on colony planet Pilan, exploiting the people and their resources.



Salia is a ril player, who has risen to the top of her game quite quickly, and while she is happy with the level of success her and her team have achieved, she can’t help but feel like they’ve lost something vital in the process to getting there. Her disappointment leads her to search for a new stage.


Nita is the princess of the colony planet Juntia, a planet on the verge of collapse due to a blight that is rapidly decaying all the planet's vegetation. If nothing is done, the planet will die, and the people will either have to flee or die along with the planet. With time and recourses limited, Nita decided to take a gamble that will either seal in the fate of her planet's death, or raise them up to unprecedented heights. 


Heading home after late classes was nothing unusual for Len, however, that night, the streets seemed darker, and the houses sinister, she is walking the last stretch of a decrepit alley, when she freezes. Her blood runs cold, and her heart races. In between a gap of a fence, she witnesses something that will upend every plan she had dared to have for her life, and begins her flight across the galaxy with her auto-server Ruv.

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