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The planet of light and shade

Closest sun – Friz

Terrain – Munder is a composite planet of rock and a metaphysical energy called Diar. The planet has geological features like mountains, rivers and forests, but in addition, there are also Diarcalin features, which are naturally forming Diar constructs. Some Diarcalin features are oceans, forests and rivers. Munder is dividend into two nations that harness distinct aspects of Diar: Dartris who are inclined towards light Diar and Nictar, inclined to dark Diar. The two nations are divided by a wall bisecting the eastern and western hemisphere of the planet. The terrain on the two halves vary drastically. Dartris has more even terrain, with rolling hills and beaches. Nictar is more rugged boasting large rivers, mountains and forests.

Natural Landmarks –  within Dartris, a major natural landmark is a Diarcalin ocean called Suas. The Diar in Suas is found in liquid form with many strange and beautiful solid constructs growing from it. In Nictar, a prominent geological feature, is mount Aradon. Aradon is a massive dormant volcano, surrounded by huge mountain ranges on the southeastern side of the planet. The entire range around Aradon is covered in thick forests of Diarcalin trees.

Manmade Landmarks –  The king of Nictar situated the royal capital within the Aradon ranges, with the royal palace hanging above the crater of mount Aradon, and the rest of the capital at the base of the volcano. In Dartris, the most important manmade land mark is the fountain of Arric. The fountain is taller than most buildings, decorated with ornate designs of depicting the history of the planet and the flow of Diar through the universe. The water from the fountain shoots high into the sky, transforming from liquid water to a cloud of Diar, that forms the floating island that the Dartris palace sits on. Many people from other planet visit Munder to make wishes at the fountain of Arric. By far the largest manmade landmark on Munder is the wall that separates the two nations, cutting the planet in half.

Weather Conditions – No natural weather changes occur on Munder, but the planet reacts to the mood of the leaders, whether through rain, snow, lighting, or earthquakes although these are usually in the form of Diarcalin constructs.

Natural Phenomena – Although parts of Munder are made from light and dark Diar, the planet is not predominantly black and white or light and dark. Diar can take on any color, however, based on whether it is light or dark, the source of the power or energy changes. Although, naturally, Nictarins prefer darker values while Dartrisans prefer lighter values.

Government – Dartris and Nictar are both ruled by eternal Kings that were born into existence at once with the rest of the planets Diarcalin features, when substantial amounts of Diar energy merged with the Munder Protoplanet. Dartris is ruled by King Alim Ristal Ganagah and Nicatar by King Caronic Mortentor Departen.  There were terrible conflicts between to two nations earlier in the planets history, due to their opposing aspects of Diar, however, creating the wall solved most issues. In addition, King Caronic married King Alim’s twin sister, Abana Veron Ganagah, solidifying the nation truce. On Munder, the kings have absolute control of their nations.

Times – 287 days, 25 hours.

The People of Munder

People of Munder can create energy construct with Diar. They can use the constructs to create shields, projectiles, tools, and anything else they can imagine; however, these constructs are not functional. They can control them to move, and change their size, however the things they create cannot work on their own, they just take on the appearance of what they are creating. They gain energy by feeding from people’s emotions or absorbing physical darkness or light. Becasue they can move through outer space and teleport, they have free reign to experience the emotions of people throughout the galaxy.

Munder has strict societal norms, so respect must be shown to those that are older or stronger. When in the presence of the kings, a show of disrespect will cause harsh punishment. In both Dartris and Nictar, people go through their daily lives  working, going to school, and just going through daily routine. Although food is not a concern for Munder as emotions are always readily available. A lot of importance is placed on strength, so munderians with weaker abilities, are usually treated as inferior. Many people fear munderians because of they often manipulate people’s emotions to get the one that satisfies them the most, so they are not welcomed on other planets.

Age of Maturity – It varies based on the individual, usually between 250 – 1000 years old

Average Life Span – Indefinite

The Munderian Life

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