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The black castle

Closest sun – Mal


Terrain – Monthax is a small planet chosen to serve as a prison for Sol since it sustains only animal life. Monthax is a mountainous planet, the surface is extremely uneven and jagged, making it difficult to walk even in the mildest areas. The only smooth area is a manmade plain where Sol’s house is located. The planet has a lake fed from an underground source, besides the lake and some small rivers, there are no other lager bodies of water on Monthax.

Natural Landmarks –  On the Northeastern side of the planet is Mount Mirol, a massive geyser. Mirol is so large and powerful that when it erupts, it “rains” on most of the planet. Monthax also has forests made of large white spindly trees called the Brilt. Brilt is inedible, they look and feel like bones, with extremely sharp thorns instead of branches. The largest Brilt forest is located on the southern side of Monthax. Although scant, there are small patches of edible vegetation found on Monthax.


Manmade Landmarks – The only manmade landmark is Sol’s house, and the plain it sits on.


Weather Conditions –  Monthax is extremely hot year-round because it is so close to Mal however, there are some cooler seasons. When Monthax gets to a point in its orbit where it is between both Mal and Nol, the planet experience huge spikes in temperature, as well as powerful storms.


Natural Phenomena – when Mirol erupts, it causes an effect that looks like rain, except the water is at boiling temperature.


Unnatural Phenomena – When Sol sleeps, the entire planet is covered in shadow, so it is always night until he wakes again, although the heat of the suns still gets through.


Government – Monthax has no intelligent lifeforms on it besides the animals, so there is no organized government. Sol is the only permanent resident on the planet, so he abides by his own laws.


Times – 180 days, 15 hrs.


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