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The seed of creation

Closest sun – Fuze

Terrain – Marak is a higher creature born from and with the ability harness root particles, Called Kyr by Marakians. Using the Kyr, Marak formed itself into a planet that could sustain the life of the organisms evolving on it. Marak responds to the life on the planet like an extension of itself, allowing the ruler, known as the World-Bearer, to move and change the geography of the planet at will; with a thought, new land forms are created, mountains, rivers, forests, however, while the planet adjusts freely, there are some land features that stay the same even if their position is changed. Marak is a dry mountainous canyon planet. The majority of Marak is a deep intricate canyon, where the people have created settlements at various elevation of the rock formations. While the planet is mostly rock, there are a few bodies of water, the largest being the ocean. Marak has sparse areas of vegetation, and many solid kyr mountains that are unique to the plant.


Natural Landmarks – The major Marakian landmark is the great canyon that covers most of the planet, the canyon has many  flat rock formations rising at different heights which the people build settlements on. Currently on the eastern side of the canyon are the Kyr mountains, made up of solid root particles, their light absorbing black color stand out in stark contrast against the orange and white of the canyon rocks. The Kyr mountains are an unchanging geographical feature; however, they can be moved around by the World-bearer or the whims of Marak.

Manmade Landmarks – The Lupaine mansion, surrounded by a forest of native vegetation is one of the permanent manmade features of Marak. The other is the home of the world-bearer, which is currently in the middle of a Kyr-made “still-water” lake.

Weather Conditions – Marak is dry most of the year, it is however very windy and there are often sand storms.

Natural Phenomena – The Rakarn is an event that occurs once a year where the Kyr on the surface of the planet peel off and dance in the air, this is accompanied with great festivities, and ceremonies. Many major events usually take place during Rakarn. Another event, which occurs sporadically, but usually in thousand year cycles, is when Marak and Zental are closest to each other. The higher creatures release thin bands of Kyr and Zhar that mingle together as the planets pass each other. As matter and anti-matter touch each other, blinding and powerful energy is released into the galaxy.

Government – Marak is ruled by a single ruler who governs the planet and deals with conflict. The ruler of Marak is called the world-bearer because they are born with the Har-Kyr. Har-Kyr, is kry that is directly connected to Marak, the higher creature forms a connection to the World-bearer before they are born, giving him/her control of all the root particles that form Marak. Unlike normal Marakians who are born without Kry, the world Bearer is born having the marks of the Har-Kyr. Before a world-bearer dies, a child will already be born to replace them, once the previous world-bearer passes away, Marak gives control of its root particles over to the new world-bearer, essentially becoming one entity. The world-bearer can move the entire planet, and transform it, just like any Marakian can control the Kry on their bodies. In addition, Marak is divided into tribes, and elders from each tribe serve as advisors to the World-bearer.

Times – 314 days 32 hours

The People of Marak


Marakians can control Kry with the markings on their bodies. They can use Kyr to create anything they can imagine, within the limits of the amount of Kyr they are can wield, however, they are unable to create life. They may be able to create an apple, but the seeds within it would be unable to grow, they could create a fully functional body, but it would simply be a doll. Marakians are not born with the Kyr markings, a ceremony takes place, where a solid kyr rock is placed in a child’s hand, then the kyr bonds itself to the child and grows into the Kyr markings. The markings become one with the person, and functions like any other organ.


Marakian society is extremely relaxed, they treat each other equally, and don’t recognize societal hierarchy. Even with world-bearers, while they have a deep respect for them, they are not treated much differently from anyone else. The culture values strength, community and loyalty. If a person has these traits, they will be respected. Marakians are all connected to the planet, and they are fiercely loyal to Marak. They usually keep to themselves, and don’t interact much with the rest of the galaxy besides the planets in the Fuze system and Zental. The people live with what they can make on their own, and believe that too much interaction with off-worlders may weaken them and their connection to Marak. Due to their seclusion, they are a mystery to the other planets, and are viewed as a primitive and uncivilized planet.


Marak and Zental used to physically be one planet called Riak, so even though they split the planet, they still consider themselves to be the same race and in times of conflict, they will always support each other regardless of previous alliances. Marakinas and zentalites, still retain the dormant ability to control both Kyr and Zhar, however, most avoid awakening those capabilities.


Age of Maturity – 250 years old


Average Life Span – 15,000 years

The Marakian Life


A marakian using kyr-marks to create a pot

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