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The unbreakable planet

Closest sun – Friz

Terrain –Lyfol has large mountain ranges that divide the planet into three plains, within the mountainous areas, the terrain is incredibly rough and unstable, with sharp drops and occasional landslides, however in the plains, the ground is smooth with minor variation. The planet is largely comprised of a metal also called Lyfol. It is one of the most sought-after commodities in the Nol galaxy. Lyfol metal is the ground of Lyfol with every other mineral being variations of Lyfol, so it bears the same name as the planet. Lyfol has a thick atmosphere that coagulates into various gelatin like substances called Gwel which float in the air like extremely low hanging clouds within the plains. In the plains, a weaker less pure form of Lyfol called Lyshan is used by the people to build houses and tools.

Natural Landmarks – Lyfol’s mountain ranges and Gewl forests are the most prominent natural features of the planet.

Manmade Landmarks – Mines are Lyfol’s major manmade landmarks. Lyfol metal mines typically are located within the mountain ranges however, there is a liquid form of Lyfol called Lycrin, which is used for fuel, it is found in a couple large underground mines in the plains.

Weather Conditions – It is cold and often cloudy on Lyfol, it also snows quite often. During the warmer seasons, the sun shines brightly and it’s hardly cloudy, although it’s still cold.

Natural Phenomena – There is a natural phenomenon called lyfol-sharding that occurs within the mountain ranges. During a lyfol-sharding, Lyfol burst from beneath the ground with violent force causing rock avalanches and whole mountains to become displaced or destroyed. A lyfol-sharding, can change the entire landscape of the mountains, because of this phenomenon, many scholars suspect Lyfol is not simply an inanimate metal as it appears to grow and has self-healing properties.

Government – The three countries of Lyfol: Hyla, Fiol, and Lird are governed by the ministers and mine chiefs. Ministers monitor domestic concerns like economy, employment, education, provision, commerce, production, and justice. Each country has its own set of ministers however, the minister of intergalactic affairs is a unique position that represents Lyfol at the GU, or when dealing with foreign planets. In all countries, the selection of domestic ministers is similar, there is a call for apprentices for the positions where ten applicants are selected and trained for five years. At the end of the training period, two finalists are selected, who then visit with the other ministries for the duration of a year, after which the ministers will vote on one apprentice for each position. When current the ministers’ term is up, the apprentice will take their place. During the voting period, the Ministry of Justice has a special vote. Through the Ministry of Justice, the people vote for candidates, so the vote is worth five points. The minister of Intergalactic Affairs is selected through a process where each country chooses one nominee from the current ministers, then the rest of the ministers vote on one of the three. The mine-chiefs monitor the productivity of the mines and ensure the proper mining of Lyfol. Mine chiefs apply for the job through the ministry of production, they answer to the minister of production of their respective countries. Domestic ministers hold the position for 20 years, while the minister of Intergalactic Affairs holds the position for 40 years, Mine-chiefs work until they retire, are fired, or die.

Times – 496 days, 20 hours

The People of Lyfol


Lyfolites bodies are able to shift between a solid and liquid state, they also have thick bodily fluids, that protect them from the inside by capturing dangerous particles. When lyfol is first mined, it is in a brittle state, it breks off in chunks, releasing small shards of lyfol dust. The lyfol dust is sharp, and can casue damage to organs if inhaled, but because of the thick fluids in Lyfolites’ bodies, the lyfol dust does not harm them unless they become exposed to it for many years. There are also lyfolites called purifiers, purifiers are the back bone of Lyfol economy because, they can take the brittle lyfol, and purify it, making it a near indestructible material. The purifiers liquefy parts of their bodies, and place the lyfol inside of themselves, their bodies’ chemicals interact with the lyfol and strengthen it, once the lyfol is fully purified, it is taken out and ready for use.

Lyfol is one of the wealthiest planets in Nol, but they live simple lifestyles. The wealth of the planet is held by the government, and managed by the ministers. The wealthiest civilians are mainly those involved in the lyfol industry, like purifiers or mine-chiefs. Simple miners don’t make that much, and their lives can be extremely difficult. The planet is extremely business-minded, and focuses on lyfol production.

Age of Maturity – 22 years old

Average Life Span – 175 years

The Lyfolite Life

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