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The crystal ocean

Closest sun – Awrn

Terrain – Laurim is a planet covered with a thick liquid substance called Rawa, all the life forms on Laurim live beneath-Rawa.  Above the Rawa’s surface, there are few land features besides the tall stalagmite like rock spires that jut from beneath the floor of the planet up towards the sky. Beneath-Rawa, Laurim is a large continent divided by large extremely deep trenches. The trenches remain a mystery because there has never been a successful expedition to uncover their secrets.

Natural Landmarks – The trenches and rock spires called Hasuwas, are the most significant natural landmarks on Laurim. Under the Rawa, Laurim has expansive mountain ranges as well as a forest at the base of the planet’s central mountain range, the Suram mountains.

Manmade Landmarks – The major cities and towns on Laurim have magnificent palaces built for the royal family that stand out against the rest of the landscape. There is also an intergalactic travel station (ITS) located in the province Giw, it is one of the most beautiful ITSs in the galaxy. The base of Laurim’s ITS starts underwater and rises significantly above the Rawa’s surface.

Weather Conditions – Laurim has moderate weather conditions, because the Rawa’s has a high boiling point, it rarely rains on the surface of the planet. The sky is always clear, and the Rawa is so transparent, that it is possible to see the sky even from the lowest habitable depths.

Natural Phenomena – Laurim’s most significant natural phenomena are the trench suction, Saurac and eruptions, Rimsha. The Surac and Rimsha cycle, generally called The Daunam Cycle, is a disaster that affects the whole planet simultaneously. Daunam’s can occur as often as once every two years with the longest span without one being 30 years. The Daunam cycle starts with the Surac, during the Surac, rawa get sucked into the trenches at irregular speeds causing high “winds” beneath the Rawa. After the Surac, the Rimsha phase begins, during the Rimsha, massive eruptions spit out all that was sucked into the trenches during the Surac. The Rimsha eruptions are so strong that they break through the Rawa’s thick surface and spit its contents out into the atmosphere, producing thundering sounds as it pushes though the surface molecules. The Daunam cycle can last anywhere from two weeks to a month, during this time, leaders create barriers around the provinces, to keep the people safe. The weeks following the Rimsha are filled with massive clean ups of dead creatures and debris. The dead are sent up to the surface where they dissolve into a thinner liquid which evaporates, causing the rare rain on Laurim.

Government – Laurim is ruled by a king and a queen. Kings usually manage the politics while the queens control the military and defense forces of the planet. At the GU, the king and queen both represent the planet. Laurim is divided into eight provinces each governed by a duke who answers directly to the king, the dukes are nobles who live with the greatest luxuries. Within each province, there is a palace for the royal family where they spend time in throughout the year, however their primary home is at the Laurim-Habatha a palace located in a centralized location. Within each province, the duke oversees all matters and there are often feuds between the provinces, so most dukes have standing militia, but the autonomy of the provinces is limited; each province must pay tax to royal family and defer to their commands. The citizens of each province’s standard of living usually depends on whomever is ruling, but the people are free to move around as they please, and there are several royal decrees that prevent total mistreatment of the people. The Laurim Equality Group (LEG) is an organization that investigates the provinces ensuring the base quality of living for everyone, the head of this organization is an official elected by the people.

Times – 416 days, 33 hours

The People of Laurim


The people of Laurim can manipulate rawa, and use it to create things like projectiles, and shields. The ends of Laurimites tails dissolve into a form of rawa, so even off their planet, they can manipulate the rawa within themselves. Some people are also able to use rawa to heal wounds and treat diseases.


Laurimites are an extravagant race that value wealth and beauty. People on Laurim are always dressed beautifully, and they adorn themselves with jewels and trinkets. Laurimites are often consider a vain race because of the value they put on appearance and social standing, however, they also extremely empathetic. In addition to their beauty, Laurimites have excellent counseling skills, as well as the ability to maintain a calm and composed demeanor in most situations.

Age of Maturity –  95 years old

Average Life Span – 425 years old

The Laurimite Life

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