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The planet of living metal

Closest sun –  Awrn

Terrain – Iclax is a planet comprised mainly of metal land forms and Krynor. Krynor is the physical energy that powers the life and technology of the lifeforms on Iclax. The planet's three continents Itra, Clisa, and Darix are sharp edged land forms that look intentionally shaped, comprised of a mixture of metals. The continents are smooth, and flat with hardly any hilly features, sitting on green oceans of liquid Krynor.

Natural Landmarks – On Iclax, there is a land form called the Kreysor. The Kreysor is an enormous perfect sphere of metal that sits atop the ocean in the south-eastern edge of the planet, it acts like a natural boiler.Within its core, Krynor is boiled at extreme temperatures, allowing it to evaporate into gas and rain back down within the area. The liquid Krynor is most concentrated here, and the citizens of Iclax have found a way to acquire the Krynor from the Kreysor and use it in their most important experiments. The geniuses of Iclax also harness the energy released by the Kreysor’s natural processes to power their cities. Around the Kreysor is the only place where the rare solid form of Krynor is found.

Manmade Landmarks – On the western continent Darix, at the bureau of advancement’s HQ, there is a very small man made Kreysor which is used for the purpose of technological advancement. It is not as powerful as the real Kreysor in terms of purity or strength of the Krynor it produces, however, it is sufficient for less important experiments and prototyping. There are also many incredibly tall spiraling cities on the continents of Iclax.

Weather Conditions –  Iclax has very mild weather conditions in the areas away from the Kreysor. It is rarely cloudy. There is no snow on the planet, and the temperatures are mild. The area around the Kreysor has continuous showers, and is extremely hot.

Natural Phenomena – The Kreysor; many intellectuals on Iclax dedicate large portions of their lives to studying the Kreysor, and its ability to purify and strengthen Krynor.

Government – Iclax is a planet that is focused on intellectual and technological advancements, so they are ruled by the most intelligent individual on the planet passed the age of maturity. Every six years, a series of tests are sent throughout the planet, and the candidate that excels the most is chosen to become the Iyotal “central mind”. The rest of the individuals ranked second to tenth become advisers. The current Iyotal, Tishna, has ruled for six consecutive terms, making him longest ruling central mind of Iclax.

Times – 253 days, 32 hours

The People of Iclax


Iclaxians are extremely intelligent people, they are considered the smartest race in Nol. Most of the advanced technology spread throughout Nol comes from Iclax.  In addition to their superior intelligence, Iclaxaites have telepathy and telekinesis, as well as the ability to produce electricity through their bodies.

The people of Iclax are extremely logical, and while they feel emotions, their logical thoughts are always prioritized. Iclaxians believe in the power of their intellect, as well as their superiority above many of the other races, however, they also believe that because of their superior position, they must help and assist the other weaker or less advanced races. They have a powerful belief in altruism. They are constantly trying to expand their knowledge of the universe, and in the earlier history of Nol, Iclax played a vital role in helping the younger lifeforms on other planets evolve and learn faster. Even though they are prone to arrogance, Iclax is usually on good terms with the other planets.

Age of Maturity – 7,000 years old

Average Life Span – 79,000 years

The Iclaxian Life


Some Iclaxian architecture

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