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The immaculate forest

Closest sun –  Lond

Terrain – Granda’s surface is covered completely with trees, the only features that break up the landscape are small rivers, streams and lakes of Charaf, the planets green liquid “water”. Underneath the surface, there is an underground ocean of Charaf that feeds the root systems of the trees. Granda is divided into layers, the top surface layer is a thick and hard rock that the trees are embeded in, next is a vast empty space, where the primary roots of the planet's trees start, next is the planets underground ocean. The planet's roots extend into the ocean, where they get all their nutrients from. The inhabitants of Granda live underground among the primary roots of the planet.

Natural Landmarks – The dominant feature of the Grandan landscape are the four largest trees on the planet, called the Nandin. Two are located on the north-western part of the planet together, while the remaining two are in the south and east.

Manmade Landmarks – None on the surface as the people live underground.

Weather Conditions – The planet is covered in a fog that varies in density based on the amount of moisture in the air.

Natural Phenomena – The underground world has many bio-luminescent organisms.  Incredibly luminescent creatures called Huwarn float between the roots of the planet, constantly providing light. The Huwarn shift colors throughout the day, and go dark at night. There are naturally formed holes in the top layer of the planet, allowing air to circulate underground. On the surface there is a phenomenon called the tree migration; trees called Ranpu physically change positions biannually.

Government – The people of Granda live in small communities of around fifty people, so they usually discuss decisions together and pick the best person to represent them when necessary. Several large cities have been established where people interested in learning about technology and the universe have gathered. In the cities, people learn various skills, and sometimes get the opportunity to visit other planets. Within the cities, a more defined governing system is required, so elections are held every 16 years, there is no limit to the amount of terms a president can serve, however, the person must be less than 185 years old. Any one above the age of 55 years old can run if they have enough backing. There are also elections for the Chief of Police who ensures order is kept, the candidates are usually the top three of the police training academy.

Times – 244 days 20 hours

The People of Granda

The people of Granda enjoy learning, and they try to learn as much as they can about other planets. Although the planet has highly advanced technology, their space travel technology is still primitive, and they are only able to visit the planets closest to them without using off world technology. Granda's ecosystem is extremely sensitive to foreign particles so Grandans strive to protect their planet by limiting off world technology. They have a space stations where off world visitors can leave their belongings before entering the planet’s atmosphere. Grandans generally live peaceful lives, although away from the cities, the smaller groups often get into conflicts. There are also tensions between the cities and smaller communities over allowing off-worlders into the planet.

Age of Maturity – 50 years old

Average Life Span – 240 years

The Grandan Life

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