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Model of dimensional layering

Except from Chapter 2 of “Nol, The Greatest Burp of a Bloated Dimension,” a textbook used to teach level 4 students basic knowledge of the Nol galaxy, written by Grand Professor T.T. Ardinta.



…There are multiple universes*, and multiple dimensions constantly forming, reforming, unraveling, and interacting with each other. Sometimes these interactions are beneficial, leading to the creation of new worlds and life, at other times, they wreak destruction. Life in our own galaxy, Nol, is just one instance of accidental creation from the interaction of two such universes and dimensions.



There are four known dimensions that have been discovered:


  • Dimension A, Larklan, the dimension of the higher creatures.

  • Dimension B, Auda, the broken dimension.

  • Dimension C, Titinan, the dimension that our galaxy exists in.

  • Dimension D, Pillsin, which allows us to bypass the limit of lightspeed.


As mention before, the Nol galaxy exists within Dimension C, named Dimension Titinan (D.Titinan), after the Iclaxian who first documented the existence of multiple dimensions. Though, it is interesting to note that the Ceisites had known of the existence of other dimensions even before life on Iclax formed. They just didn’t feel it was important to share what to them was a seemingly obvious fact, but I will save my opinions on Ceisite obfuscation for another book. Back to the matter at hand: the formation of life on Nol. Above D.Titinan, is D.Auda, in which two universes existed, parallel to each other. The universe of Kugora, a race of beings with infinite energy and creative powers, and the universe of Shimesh, grey shadow beings, and shape-shifters with an insatiable hunger for energy. The shimeshians, after devouring all the suns and life within their own universe, were drawn to the bright light of Kugora. Thus, a devastating war began. The war between the two universes raged for millions of years, until finally, the universe and kingdom of Kugora met a catastrophic end.


It was the remnants of their energy, and power, thrust through the dimensional seams, by the force of their destruction that was the catalyst that allowed the development and formation of the life found in Nol. Due to the concentration of Kugora’s energies interacting with the proto planets in the young Nol galaxy, a variety of energy-based life forms began to develop, and eventually, organic life formed on planets as well, doing so in extraordinary ways and allowing life to form in seemingly impossible conditions. Ceis was the first planet to develop sentient life, only a five thousand years after the energies began bleeding into our dimension, thus they are the closest in relation to the now extinct Kugorans. Munder formed about fifteen thousand years after Ceis, from a particularly dense concentration of opposing energies. Then most of the other planets that are now a part of the Galactic Union, stated forming life about two billion years after the energies came in contact with Nol. Iclax was the first, with the rest following with a twenty thousand years period; Deresh being the last of the initial wave of life. About four billion years after Dersh, the colony planets began developing life…



…The planets Marak, Zental, and Bist, are exceptional cases in Nol, as the life formation on these planets are not connected to Kugora’s destruction. I will go over the unique formations of theses planets the next chapter…


… And so, it can be said that we are the descendants of the Kungorians. We inherited their powers, some planets more than others, and we inherited their enemy.



…Another phenomenon that resulted from this inter-dimensional entanglement between D.Auda and D.Titinan , are the rampaging monsters known as graule. I will go into detail on graule in chapter 7…




*In the past, there used to be much debate on the existence of parallel universes, however, many studies have proved their definite existence. Though some still choose to ignore the truth of our own formation. It is important to note though, that our dimension (D.Titinan), has only one universe within it, and there has only been one known instance of multiple universes within one dimension: the above mentioned Dimension B (D.Auda).


D. Larklan

D. Auda

D. Titinan

D. Pillsin



Map of  Nol's solar systems. Click to magnify the image.

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