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Except from Chapter 7 of “Nol, The Greatest Burp of a Bloated Dimension,” a textbook used to teach class 4 students basic knowledge of the Nol galaxy, written by Grand Professor T.T. Ardinta.


…It has been over ten billion years since the energies of Kugora first seeped into our dimension, and the last planet to develop intelligent life, Colony Grink, did so over 600 million years ago. For a time, many scholars assumed that the effects of the inter-dimensional entanglement had faded away, however, we now know that the residual energy of Kugora still affects our galaxy in other ways. One of theses ways, is the phenomenon of the graule.


The residual energies of Kugora, are not in an active state anymore, however, frequently very small concentrations will latch onto organic material, mutating and evolving it spontaneously. The result of this mutation is the graule. Do not be mistaken though, when I say organic matter, I do not mean people, in fact is impossible for people to become graule, (though I know many mad scientists who have tried). Anything can serve as the organic base for the graule: a leaf, a piece of fruit, a glob of spit, a drop of blood, and very rarely, a microbe. Graule spawn randomly for the most part, although large energy disturbances will increase the frequency and power of their formation. For example, Prince Sol waking up from his sleep, is often preceded by sightings of Leviathans.


Despite the organic base of their formation, graule maintain standard patterns, that scholars have gone to great lengths to document and classify. The most common being the Pip graule. They are so small, that they are treated more like simple insects, and can be destroy with a swatter. Rarer and more powerful graule are hunted down by graule hunters; the Digor Graule is a particularly good catch, as its shell has many uses. There are some graule, though, that a typically graule hunter would not be able to exterminate, the afore mentioned Leviathan, for example, or the even rarer Sufin. I always say that to see a leviathan means that death is near, but to see a sufin is to see the face of death. The last time a Sufin spawned was over two million years ago, on a backwater colony planet called Rait. Half the population of the planet was consumed before the Galactic Union reinforcements arrived to destroy it. No matter what kind of graule spawns, from the Pip to the Sufin, they must be destroyed, otherwise, the graule will rage mindlessly until the stray energies that spawned it is burnt out…


A sufin type graule on colony planet Wuhan. Sufins are one of the most dangerous graule, hypnotizing their victims into willingly becoming prey.

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