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The happy gluttons

Closest sun –  Lond, Binary Planet - Brinner

Terrain – Most of the planet Frild is composed of a spongy rock element, the grows upwards in a variety of shapes and sizes. Because of this, there are many interesting rock formations all around the plant. There are also forests and large rivers although no oceans or seas. Everything on Frild is edible to the lifeforms that live there. Creatures from other planets can also always find something edible on the planet.

Natural Landmarks –  The rock formations are the most noticeable landmarks on Frild, they a scattered around the planet, and the civilizations grew adapting to these formations so the cities look very organic, as they are built into the larger rock formations. The Fronthy river is the largest river on the planet, it goes from the north west to the south east, wrapping around the planet, with large distributaries. The waters in the Fronthy move rapidly for almost its entire length, so it is difficult to cross.

Manmade Landmarks – There is a large production factory where goods are packed to be shipped to other planets, also there are many small towns on Frild that are built within and around the large rock formations. While the towns do not change the natural landscape significantly, they symbolize the unity between the planet and the people, so they are important manmade features.

Weather Conditions – It rains and snows on Frild, but in small amounts and there aren’t really any storms. It is usually sunny on the planet although it is slightly colder closer to the poles.

Natural Phenomena – There are lots of eclipses on Frild due to its binary system with Brinner. The planet can also regrow itself, similar to Lyfol, this means that the natural resources on Frild are unending. Since the earth on Frild is rather soft, sometimes it dissolves near the rivers. Especially near the Ganif, a small hot boiling lake; the ground there is almost liquid.

Government – Each of the rock cities is governed by a mayor chosen through elections every twelve years. The mayor handles all matters from family disputes to conflicts with other rock cities “Frackles”. There is no military force on Frild, most conflicts are resolved through competitions. In the case of war with other planets, the people on Frild band together and create various gas weapons that they release in the air of the planet, nothing on their planet is harmful to them, however to other lifeforms, some simple mixtures can cause instant death.

Times – 516 days, 18 hours

The People of Frild


People of Frild are constantly hungry, food is easily accessible to them because they can eat everything in their planet. Regardless of how they were mixed or processed, Frildians can digest anything made from the resources of their planet. They can eat up to five times their body weight each day.

Frildians are extremely friendly, and value their communities. Frildians rarely have conflicts between Frackles, and when they do, they are resolved through games and competitions. Frildians spend most of their time studying and doing hobbies, they share knowledge and resources freely, Frackles are more like big family homes rather than cities.

Age of Maturity – 72 years old

Average Life Span – 540 years

The Frildian Life


Frildian rock cities

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