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The giants of ice and wielders time

Closest sun – Friz

Terrain – Fralor is the coldest planet in Nol, the planet is filled with forests covered in snow and ice. The ocean is permanently frozen, however deep underneath the thick layers of ice, there are a few sources of liquid where underwater creatures live. The landscape of Fralor is extremely diversified in elevation, with huge trees, mountains, and glaciers, as well as deep valleys.

Natural Landmarks – Fralor is covered in forests similar to evergreens however, their hues are pale blues and purples. There many mountain ranges on the planet, as well as the Halta-Falri a long range of massive glaciers. Within the frozen ocean, there are some relatively thinner spots where some tribes hunt underwater creatures.

Manmade Landmarks – None

Weather Conditions – It is always snowing on Fralor, the snow ranges from light flurries to full blown storms. There are also cases of flash freezes where the temperature drops suddenly, freezing smaller animals instantly.

Natural Phenomena – The planet has occasional earthquakes, although they are rarely catastrophic. Geysers in the Halta-Falri erupt every five to seven years; when the geysers erupt, the boiling water melts the surrounding areas revealing ancient layers of ice, however, within a few days the area is frozen again. Fralor has beautiful auroras that fill the entire sky.

Government – Fralor does not have a central government, but there are many tribes on the planet with various numbers. The strongest warrior of the tribe leads it, bearing the position of the Shaeda “tribe-leader”. The title of Shaeda will ideally be passed down through a blood line, however, members of the tribe are free to challenge the leader at any time for the role, usually through death battles, where the victor leads the tribe. There are constant tribe wars for land and resources.

Times – 618 days 18 hours

The People of Fralor

The people of Fralor are giants with an average height of nineteen feet and eight inches.  The people of Fralor have incredible physical prowess, and immunity to the freezing temperatures of their planet, in addition, they have the ability to slow down the movements within the area around them, and cause the temperature around them to drop to nearly absolute zero. The most powerful fralorians, are capable of even slowing down time.

Fralorian tribes are constantly at war with each other, so Fralorians value strength, loyalty, and land. They protect their land with their lives, and show no mercy to traitors. Within each tribe, the people treat each other with care, and will always choose to protect a member of their tribe over their own safety. They enjoy revelries, indulging in sparing and drinking competitions. Fralorians are especially joyful when a child is born, they welcome their new member with weeks of festivities and feasts.

Age of Maturity – 60 years old

Average Life Span – 250 years

The Fralorian Life

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