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The fire planet

Closest sun –  Kor

Terrain – Elixran is a planet with continents that are more like lush valleys, all land is covered in grass with streams and rivers flowing throughout the land, although the inhabitants don’t drink the water. The core of Elixran is an unquenchable fire called the Rehan, it radiates a mild warmth unlike the heat usually associated with the core of a planet. The Rehan has veins of fire flowing from it that produce a rainbow of fire rivers on the surface that interact to create unique effects. As these fire rivers called, Rehanki, flow through the land, certain spots of high concentration begin to solidify and grow upwards in formations like trees, the trees are called Rehgan, and from the Rehagan the mounds of the Rehan grow like fruit from the branches. Because the Rehan’s veins even flow though water, the oceans look like they hold rainbows within them. 


Natural Landmarks – The rainbow sea and oceans are significant landmarks on Elixran, particularly the Graghan, a spot in the ocean where many colored veins of Rehan converge. At this spot, there is also the Rehagan- Cawri, it is a large forest of Rehagan in the middle of the ocean.

Manmade Landmarks –   none

Weather Conditions – Elixran has moderate weather conditions year round, with the temperature being more on the warm side. There are mild showers, and sometimes even storms. There is also the occasional flood; the planet usually feels like there is a light spray of water in the air.

Natural Phenomena – The Rehan and the resulting effects it produces are considered magnificent phenomena; nowhere else in the galaxy has comparable results been replicated, by accident or deliberate attempt.

Unnatural Phenomena – Elixran is in the same solar system as Sumag, and so they are invaded often by the Sumagians. When the Sumagians invade, the sky turns dark and heavy winds and storms occur during the attempts. Black clouds cover the sky bringing the normally warm temperature down significantly, although never down to freezing because of the Rehan’s warmth. In the worst incidents, the lakes might have a very thin film of ice over them.

Government – Elixran is divided into small tribes, each tribe has its own values and is led by a Chief who makes the laws and is considered the strength of the tribe. Each tribe usually also has a Sernin, they are the spiritual leader of the tribe. The Sernin is the chief fire-mixer and they are considered the wisest of the tribe, they give advice, and tell stories. The position of Chief is passed down through blood-lines, regardless of gender, while the position of Sernin is given to the individual with the closest connection to the Rehan and greatest skills in the art of Rehadu, fire-mixing.

Times – 172 days 35 hours.

The People of Elixaran


The Rehan that flows thorough Elixran, also flows in the people. People from Elixran mix the different types of Rehan to produce several unique effects. With the Rehan in its pure or mixed state, the people “ignite” the hair on their bodies, applying the effects to themselves. A person may mix hardening Rehan and ignite it on their bodies to strengthen their bodies before a battle, cooling Rehan is often used to preserve foods. Within each Elixranian is a Rehan-heart, a small flame that sustains their life until it naturally burns out in old age.


The tribes on Elixran, are self-sustaining, and do not interact with each other much. Within each tribe, people use their skills to sustain the community. The people value harmony and wisdom, grateful each day for the Rehan that protects them. They live simple lives, and aim to never take more than what they need from their planet.


Age of Maturity – 50 years


Average Life Span – 213 years

The Elixaran Life


An Elixaran Landscape

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