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The sacred throne

Closest sun – Fuze

Terrain – Draekar is made up of three large continents one on each pole, Talae on the north and Tarin on the south and one long continent Dugar around the equator, there are also a few small islands. On the poles, the terrain is icy and mountainous while on Dugar, the land is flat with a few valleys and canyons; however the largest feature is a volcano at the edge of the continent.

Natural Landmarks – The volcano called Dera is a major landmark on Dugar, it erupts on average once every 40,000 years. The ice continents have remarkable natural ice structures and formations.

Manmade Landmarks – The most important manmade landmarks on Draekar, are two gardens, divided between two kingdoms. Talae has the “ice gardens” where ice statues and sculptures of great people and events are immortalized, while in Dugar, there is an important garden located in the Great King Marviel’s palace.

Weather Conditions – The poles are permanently covered in ice, so when it’s not snowing, it is either still or there are winds blowing through. Along the equator, there are huge waves, and it rains frequently; hurricanes are common.

Natural Phenomena – The Bulan, are giant sea creatures that seemingly appear and disappear out of nowhere, they are a great mystery, to the Draekarnian people. It is hard to guess what their purpose is, they may be animals, or even different race or civilization entirely. Some even believe they are visitors from another universe.

Unnatural Phenomena – In Marviel’s garden, there is an entrance to a pocket dimension that Great King Marviel created, here he keeps the Darnkar. The people of Draekar can transform themselves into great creatures, that allow them to store large amounts of power, which they are able to use for their purposes. The Darnkar, look almost identical to these creatures with just a few markers that differentiate them. Due to hunting games and the Darnkar’s slow reproductive and maturity rate, they we almost driven into extinction, but Marviel stepped in to create a separate dimension where they are now kept safe.

Government – Draekar is divided into two kingdoms, the “Ice lands” called Chaetar and “fire lands” called Dafnaer. Each kingdom is governed by two key rulers each with their own distinct role, which is not restricted to any specific gender. The first role is that of the king or queen, it is given to the second born of the royal family, they oversee the politics within the kingdom, including laws, policies, taxes, etc. The second role is Grand Commander, the role is held by the first born of the royal family, they hold all the military control of the kingdom, serving as head of the military and war, both domestic and intergalactic. Chaetar and Dafnaer will work together when necessary, however, they are independent of each other. At the GU, the kings or queens of both kingdoms take turns to represent the planet in 100-year cycles. In both kingdoms, smaller countries are ruled by houses of established families who report to the king or queen. Military and politics are two very separate entities on Draekar, even at the lowest political institutions, military is controlled by the Grand Commander and their aids.

Times – 726 days 50 hours

The People of Dreakar

wall_of_Light002 (2).jpg

Draekarnian’s are a strong race that can shape-shift into a creature with the likeness of a Darnker which increase their physical powers exponentially. The people also possesses the ability to control fire or water, which are enhanced when they change forms.

Dreakar is a wealthy planet, so there are no seriously improvised Draekarnians, however, the commoners don’t really have access to much beyond their basic needs, as the nobles have control of most of the luxuries and wealth. Most common folk usually spend their lives working for the noble families, without much opportunity for advancement. Many are content with their situation, as all their basic needs are met, however others want more out of life than catering to nobles.

Age of Maturity – 500 years

Average Life Span – 17,530 years

The Dreakarian Life


Lipil in front of a statue of Great King Marviel

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