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The planet abundant in light

Closest sun – Nol, Mal


Terrain – Deresh is located between two suns, Nol and Mal, because of this, the eastern and western hemispheres of the planet are in constant daylight while a thin central line across the longitude of the planet is in constant darkness and has solid ice mountains. The rest of the planet is a hard desert terrain that is smooth and has slight variation in elevation; however, there are huge chasms and cracks tearing through the surface of the planet.

Natural Landmarks – The Mal hemisphere called Masid and the Nol Hemisphere called Hehsid, are divided by an area of darkness and ice that separates the reaches of the two suns, named the Shdar. The Deshrad is the area where the hot and cold temperatures meet on both sides of the Shdar, in these areas, there are intense storms of lighting, acidic rain and toxic gas. The other major natural landmark that defines Deresh, are the deep trenches and cracks that run through and across the planets surface.


Manmade Landmarks – There are no impressive structures on Deresh however, there are many small villages and slums.


Weather Conditions – Deresh has intense periodic wind storms, and constant wind all around the planet, so there are barely any high peaks because of the wind erosion. There is occasional acid rain however, for the most part, Deresh is dry and windy year-round. The temperature on Deresh is incredibly hot, the heat is so torturous and constant, that some lifeforms from the other planets need special clothing and equipment to visit Deresh.

Natural Phenomena – There are occasionally earthquakes on Deresh however, they are relatively weak, and are more like small vibrations.


Government – Deresh has two civilizations, the Ulrah who live underground, and the Salrah who live on the surface. Originally the Ulrah had a relatively decent lifestyle living underground, however due to a series of cave-ins, the Ulrah in Hehsid have started to come up to the surface causing tensions between the two groups. In Masid, several mobs of Salrah fight for supremacy, while the Ulrah live in peace. Currently, the most influential leader of Hehsid is a Salrah called Tishnin, he commands the largest organized mob, the Death drinkers. He has set himself up as a contact point between Deresh and the rest of the Nol galaxy so he has a few off-world backers.


Times – 574 days a year.

There is no daily transition between day and night on Deresh, it is constantly day on both hemispheres, and constantly dark in the Shdar.

The People of Deresh


 Dereshians are generally realistic and dispassionate about the world. Because of their planets extreme conditions, Dereshians usually spend each day just trying to get by. The common folk do not have the time or money to enjoy luxuries. Especially among the Salrah who experience the harshest aspects of Deresh, children are put to work as soon as possible, and many continue to work till they die. The planet is riddled with corruption and exploitation. It is the center of Nol’s black-market. The goal for many Dereshians is to make enough credits to purchase a ticket off the planet, it is the only fantasy they allow themselves to indulge in.

Age of Maturity – 14 years old

Average Life Span – 60 years

The Dereshian Life


A dereshian village

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