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The inheritors of knowledge

Closest sun – Nol

Terrain – Ceis is a planet with no atmosphere, the planet has a core at its center, however the surface is covered completely with a very thick gel substance, kiril, that makes the entire planet glow with a soft light. The only natural formations are huge monolithic slabs of some rock or metal material, the rocks have no writing, however through psychic interactions with the Ceisites, they give the people of Ceis insights about the galaxy's origins, and formation, from it's early days till now.

Natural Landmarks – The most significant landmarks are the slabs found all around the planet called cisions. Some are even buried beneath the gel surface of the planet.

Manmade Landmarks – The library called Cosarun was created by the ceisites to record all the information they discover about themselves and the rest of the galaxy. The “books” are objects the ceisites created to mimic the cisions, and in the library, the collection of books, hover out in the open within a specific area, although Cosarun has no visible walls. There are areas scattered around the planet where the ceisites create small settlements or towns although most ceisites just wander around the planet in boat like vessels. Over the millennia, the ceisites have built museums, zoos, artificial biomes, galleries, and other places to hold things of significance form the entire galaxy, they call them the “shica” meaning “to preserve, or for safe keeping”.

Weather Conditions – Due to the absence of an atmosphere, there are frequent meteor showers on Ceis . When the meteorites hit the kiril, the heat causes the kiril to change states into thick gas filled bubbles that float up into the air. After the kiril cools down, the bubbles change back into the thick gel that falls back down to the surface.

Natural Phenomena – The natural growth of cisions happens very rarely, the last one was probably 30 million years ago, however there are signs that a new cision is slowly forming beneath the kiril. The rate at which the cicion is growing means it will take many millennia before any information is available, it is a phenomenon that has all the eyes of the galaxy watching. The information from the new cision could reveal much about the origins of the galaxy.

Government – Although some Ceisites choose to live together in small groups, for the most part they are nomadic and live without any specific laws. They just aim to live in balance with their planet while pursuing knowledge. There is one official position, the head Liberian called the Grand Cosurn. This position goes to one of the individuals whose life has been dedicated to studying the information in the library, and ancient cisions scattered around the planet. The next Grand Cosurn is chosen by the current holder of the position, no one is sure how the first Grand Cosurn was chosen as not all the slabs have been fully studied. The current Grand Cosurn has had the position for 98,000 years, he is also responsible for representing Ceis in the Galactic Union(GU) whenever they feel inclined to participate.

Times – 4,879 days, 16 hours

The People of Ceis

The people of Cies are beings that can see the essence of all things and manipulate it. This allows them to intuitively manipulate the world, physically, chemically and biologically. They do not need to eat or drink as they continuously receive energy from their planet.  Ceisites have a small slab called a Ceson in place of where their facial features would be, the slab contains the information about the entirety of their identity from their true name to ideal profession, strengths and weaknesses, as well as visions of their future.

Ceisite society is filled with nomadic and independent individuals. Most children leave their homes long before they reach the age of maturity, beginning their life journeys. Ceisites purse knowledge and wisdom, and are endlessly curious. Although most are nomadic, there are a few small settlements and cities, allowing some people to enjoy a more typical lifestyle, although they are usually filled with the older generations, and people looking to start a family. The cities consider visitors from other planets, creating an area where they can stay during their visit, though it is an incredibly rare occasion to have off-world visitors. 

Age of Maturity – 15,000 years old

Average Life Span – Most choose to fade after about 100,000 years, but they are capable of living forever.

The Ceisite Life

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