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The planet of living energy

Closest sun – Fuze

Terrain – Cajra has three continents Olana, Caris, and Faoust. The planet is a rock and metal mixture, that creates a marble like texture on the Cajran earth. Cajra has many mountain ranges and lush forests with colorless leaves that glitter and shine. There are few volcanoes on the planet, however, they have been dormant for hundreds of years. On Cajra there are areas called Crests, where there is a single continuous band of lighting constantly traveling between the surface and atmosphere. The continents have nice beaches with a milk colored ocean, while there are a few icebergs around the poles of the planet.

Natural Landmarks – Mount Owndi on the continent of Caris the tallest mountain on Cajra, it is covered in a thick forest filled with plant and animal life even at its highest elevation. The crests and areas around them are the most important landmarks on Cajra. It is impossible for most people to even approach the crests because of the intensity of the energy they release however, there are a few exceptions. Even more rare are the handful of extraordinary individuals that are able to stand within the lighting (Although people are rarely allowed near them as they are heavily guarded).

Manmade Landmarks – The capital city of Cajra located on Faoust, is the hub of technology and entertainment on the planet, it has the most developed facilities, and is considered a landmark.

Weather Conditions – Cajra usually has a variety of weather conditions like rain or snow depending on the season. Lighting storms occur occasionally, however, they do not really hinder normal life any more than the rain.

Natural Phenomena – The Crests are a natural phenomenon that still have no explanation, and there are also frequent electrical surges that travel through the planet from its core.

Government – Cajra is ruled by a royal family, and the title of king is passed to the first prince. Cajra does not have any nobles/aristocrats in political positions besides the king, queen and their children. Lords and ladies exist from the extended family of the king; however, they do not have any political power by birth. To become a Civil Leader, the ruler of a jurisdiction, a person must enroll in The School of Public Service, and excel as one of the top students, then the king may appoint the person to govern a small jurisdiction, or hold a political position. The Nobles may also enroll in these schools; however, they are not to be given special treatment. The positions are not passed through bloodlines. In the case of a war or conflict, one of the king’s children will lead the battle at the front lines.

Times – 572 days 43 hours

The People of Cajara


Cajarians are an energy based species so while they have some biological parts, their bodies are filled with radiant energy so they do not need to eat, although some still do for enjoyment. Individuals can manipulate several types of energy including: light, sound, radiation, thermal energy and more.

 Cajra is a well-off planet with many cities and towns. The people enjoy a high standard of living, and are free spirited and happy. There aren’t many conflicts within the planet, and because of Cajra’s status and strength of the royal family, the people have confidence and loyalty to the planet. Cajra is industry driven, and they focus on progress while prioritizing individuality, free will, and communication.

Age of Maturity – 250 years old

Average Life Span – 21,758 years

The Cajaran Life

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