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The children of the stars

Closest sun – Lond Binary Planet - Frild

Terrain – Brinner is a rock planet which was hit by a giant comet in its earlier years, this formed a huge crater that later transformed into a lake which allowed new diverse life forms to develop in the area around the impact point. The new life forms include small animal life, as well as many new plant life. Citizens from the other planets have immigrated to the lake area, called the Gianiv, where an entertainment hot-spot has formed. Besides the area around the lake, the rest of Brinner is a barren mountainous land. Within the barren lands, called the Brigin, the native life on Brinner continues to thrive in the form of the original civilization who live in man-made mountain-like settlements.

Natural Landmarks – Niva Lake, is the name of the lake that was created by the comet, it is surrounded by thick forests and vegetation with marigold coloration. Brinner is extremely mountainous so there are many areas of high elevation, there are three major mountain ranges: Nivcana mountains, krincana mountains, and the Brignorn Mountains. The Nivcana mountain range has the lowest average elevation, and surrounds the immediate area around Niva lake, they were formed by the impact of the comet. The Krincana, is a mountain range that surrounds the Gianiv, and the Brignorn Mountain range located in the Brigin it is the most perilous mountain range. The planet also has a few small craters scattered all over, alluding to how tumultuous the planet was at the time of its formation.

Manmade Landmarks – There is a huge city around Niva lake, the Gianiv, it has become a major hub for entertainment for the whole galaxy. There are tall high rises, business complexes, clubs and more, the whole place is constantly lit up like a small sun, with music constantly playing. It is fast, exciting, and flashy. The Gianiv contrasts heavily with the plains of the Brigin, where the actual natives of Brinner live. Within the Brigin, the people of Brinner build man-made mountains called Norvins that are actually living spaces where daily life takes place, like ‘ant hills’. There is also a sports stadium by Niva lake where most of the galaxy’s games are held.

Weather Conditions – There are often sandstorms within the planes, that sometimes reach the lake, although the Krincana mountains usually prevent much of it from affecting the Gianiv society. In the lake area, there are showers when the temperature gets hot enough. It sometimes snows at the highest elevations, but the temperature is colder in the planes compared to the lake.

Natural Phenomena – There are frequent eclipses due to the binary system.

Government – There are two separate governments on Brinner. In the Gianiv, elections are held every ten years to determine the president. Among the natives, each Norvin is its own autonomous state and has leaders who govern the communities. The leaders of the Norvin are selected through elections where four individuals are selected, two men and two women who jointly govern the Norvin.

Times –516 days, 36 hours

The People of Brinner


Brinner has a bleak environment, with few elements to support life, so as the planet changed, the life that formed there, evolved by harnessing solar energy. The people of Brinner use solar energy as a food source, however, they are also able to collect the energy in their bodies and use it to power their technology. Contrary to the appearance of the Norvin rock mounds, the native Brinans are a highly advanced society with complex social and technological capabilities.

Within the Brinan society, most people are workers that maintain the Norvin. The people are astute and living minimally, however they also enjoy recreational activities. The children go to schools, and people engage in regular activities like get togethers, work, and entertainment. People typically don’t leave the Norvin they were born in, and the capabilities of each Norvin is closely guarded. Brinans value hard work and being happy within their means, putting the community above the individual.

Ninty-nine percent of people living in Gianiv are from other planets, so the society is radically different than the Norvins. The people have wanton freedom, and celebrate themselves. Gianiv is the center of Nol entertainment, so it is filled with celebrities and people trying to get a big break.

Age of Maturity – 17 years

Average Life Span – 200 years

The Brinan Life


Len and Ruv looking over the brinan landscape

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