Song of Discord

Kana and Rolt return to Marak after being away for fifty years and are immediately assigned on a mission to hunt down a graule that has appeared on the planet.

The Death of Awana

For hundreds of years, Awana was proclaimed as one of the most beautiful planets in Nol, but her end was a dirge of darkness and madness, at the hands of Sol, the prince of nightmares, and his terrible and pitiful powers.

Escaping Grief

Liva, a jaded crew member of the commercial space shuttle Imperza, contemplates life and the tiredness of it all. Then, on what should have been a typical journey from the Lond solar system to the Galactic Central, the shuttle is asked to pick up a passenger from Ceis: a planet shrouded in mystery.

Beneath the Word-Trees' Shadow

Ouzin is from a noble household on the planet Bist. The plan for his life, has been mapped out and enforced rigidly by his family. Failure is not an option. He now make his coming of age journey to the Hiskar in order to make a pact with a powerful creature that will boost his family’s standing. Now, however, given some space from his family’s control, will he choose to return.

Eternal and Ephemeral

Ivol is an Iclaxian in every way. His metal body does not know tiredness, pain, or death. As a given, illness is also alien to him. He is part of a team sent to help aid a planet suffering from a new disease and confronted for the first time by the fragility and mortality of other species, he may learn the pain of loss.

Subtle Corrections

Prant is a bistinian, who left Bist for the colony planet Mito, because he didn’t think he was being valued in the classist Bist system. On Mito, he’s highly regarded, having both power and status. Now though, a minor incident will test his motivations, and a stranger will give him a small lesson in humility.

Exodus in Ice

Fralor is an unforgiving planet of ice and death, ruled by warring tribes of giants, whose blood often runs colder than the planet’s eternal frost. Kraglar, a new tribe chief, must lead his people on a journey in the hope of finding better land and home, but the giants are not known for their patience or sympathy towards incompetence.

Dust Storm

Tohin returns home after years away from vislav. As he settles back into his family home, he recalls the terrible storm, and events that lead to him and his sister being separated from their parents.

Paper Flowers

Sela is a young neglected drereshian, burdened with more suffering than he can handle, but that is life on Deresh. On a scavenging trip, he finds a piece of paper with an image of a flower on it. His new treasure brings him unwanted attention, and maybe an opportunity for something better. “A delicate flower cannot grow on infertile land.”

Stranger in The Frost

Lipil is an aspiring artist, now forced to work in the Dreakarian palace as a kitchen help because of his father’s debts. He is clumsy, uncoordinated, and every day, becomes more of a thorn in the side of the staff. After a particularly bad accident, he runs weeping into the forest, where he meets a peculiar stranger.

Furious Victory

Fintar is an industrial world, by day plagued by pollution and corruption, and by night haunted by the spirits and phantoms of the planet, out for vengeance. Tonight, will be Ailim’s last night on the planet as her family plans to emigrate, however returning home from work, it seems the spirits have decided that they will not let her escape.

The Waking River

Rian thinks the day will be just like any other: ditching her sister on the farm to watch reality shows, getting scolded by her parents, and then eating dinner together. The routine is interrupted by guests who claim to be relatives of her mother, but the tension that comes with their arrival speaks to complex relationships, and unavoidable duty.

The Binding

Tari and her comrades, Capricorn, Silver, Brel, and Fia, have spent the last ten years in The Binding, fixing a hole in the dimensional fabric, and battling the Dark ones, who attempt to break through to Nol. Rick Lupaine has left to return to Nol, and the five, make a last desperate effort to finish their mission.