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The forged from magma

Closest sun – Lond

Terrain – Darge is an extremely hot planet, it has five continents that sit on an ocean of magma moving in constant extremely slow motion. Most of the continents have smooth and even terrain composed of a black element in rock and powder form, however the continent of Kragdar is filled with tall, jagged slightly transparent rock and mineral mountains. The “hot spot” Giguar is a small area in the magma sea that has temperatures in high enough degrees that it melts anything that gets close to it, it is the hottest area on Darge. The sky is grey with a permanent ash layer in the atmosphere. There are a few patches of plant life on Darge in the form of giant mushroom like vegetation called Pulab, they glow brightly in varying shades of red and are jelly like in the way the feel and look. More features of Darge include magma rivers and a magma fall in Kragdar.


Natural Landmarks – The continent of Kragdar has mountains of sharp rock. The rocks are a combination of slightly transparent and extremely difficult to break crystals, and diamonds. The mountains rise so high that they are seen from all the other continents. Dapinad falls is a magma fall, also located in Kragdar within the mountains. On most continents, there are forests of Pulabs and some can even be seen growing right out of the magma ocean. The Giguar is another important land mark, it is also in constant motion like the continents.

Manmade Landmarks –  The Gabrin academia is a place where people of Darge go to learn crafting and arts, although it’s more like a huge market of blacksmiths on the continent of Gabrin.

Weather Conditions – There is intense heat on Darge year-round, however, there are also continuous winds that sometimes bring slightly cooler air (The "cooler" air, is still hot enough to melt most off-worlders).

Natural Phenomena – One interesting phenomenon on Darge is the motion of the continents and hot spot, there is also rippling in the air caused by heat generated from the plant and magma.

Government – Three of the continents on forge are ruled by smiting guilds, where each current ruler hand picks their successor from the notable students or members of the guild. The fourth continent of Gabrin on the south of the planet is a place where the guilds unite to form the Gabrin academia where students are taught various crafts from other planets. If the planet needs a GU representative, the head of the academia usually takes on the task. Outside of the guilds, the people live in small villages where they have some autonomy from the guild masters.

Times – 719 days, 20 hours

The People of Darge


The people of Darge are strong and resilient. They value people’s hard-work and skills above all other things. Crafting is an important aspect of Dargian culture they specialize in making items such as: weaponry, furniture, sculptures, architecture, tapestries and more. People start learning their families’ craft as soon as they can grip the required tools. Dargian society can be strict and competitive, as the guilds try to outdo each other. Guild loyalty is mandatory, and sharing secret techniques is met with harsh punishment.

Age of Maturity – 30 years old

Average Life Span – 950 years

The Dargeian Life


A Dargeian Landscape

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